Environmental Planning and Assessment entails the pre-construction planning processes of a proposed development, ranging from pre-feasibility assessments, site selection and risk assessments, to environmental planning, impact assessment and land-use planning.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes are to be completed in accordance with the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) of 1998, as well as amendments to the act. Impact analysis which includes the gathering and coordination of all environmental consultant information, permit requirements, the preparation of applications, compilations and criteria for review of information, and impact statements for both natural and built environments, along with the formulation of Environmental Management Plans (EMP). This process also includes the assimilation of environmental information for the creation of environmental composite maps and sensitivity maps that inform layout planning and design. An extension of this includes the post environmental authorisations, including the assessment and modification of the relevant EMP and environmental monitoring during the construction phase to ensure that the EMP is adequately implemented.